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Utah State Capitol

Volunteer of the Month

December 2016



Brent is our December ​Docent of the ​Month! Brent has been volunteering at the Capitol since ​October 2013, and he is always a pleasure to be around! He is hardworking and positive​ and always brings a fun fact from his travels that ties into the building.​

Even when Brent​ left us for a surgery, he was quick to return as a volunteer. ​Visitor Service staff describe Brent as ​having incredible perseverance and always willing to hit the ground running. There are many times when Brent will have to work a docent shift alone​, or stay to help with another shift’s tour, and he never complains​!

Thank you so much for all that you give to the Capitol, Brent! We are so grateful ​for your dedication and passion.​

November 2016



Congratulations to Susanna, our stellar Docent of the Month for November 2016! She has been a part of our Docent team for 3 entire years now, and we cherish her time here! Although, her husband worked for Governors Leavitt and Walker, so she’s been a part of the Capitol community for many years longer.

Visitors Center staff describe Susanna as warm and helpful. Beyond her cheerful attitude and vibrant smile, Susanna helped with multiple all-day docent shifts for the Capitol Centennial Open House, when we saw over 20,000 students touring the building. She never once complained and filled all of her shifts with a vibrant smile.

Thank you, Susanna, for your dedication to the Utah State Capitol Visitors Center when we most needed it! We could not have done it without you, and look forward to continuing to see you.

October 2016



Barbara, our Docent of the Month for October, has been a diligent member of our Capitol Docent team since the building reopened after its restoration in early 2008. Considering that training started in 2007, Barbara has been a fierce steward of the People’s House for nearly a decade!

Barbara has incredible attention to detail both when she gives tours and also when she is assisting Capitol visitors with directions to their meetings and other offices they are visiting on the Hill. She only asks questions of the staff if she truly doesn’t know the answer, and quickly files the answer away in her brain for next time.

We are grateful for your time and energy, Barbara! We know that visitors are always well taken care of when you are at the greeter desk.

September 2016



Our September docent of the month, Rich is one of our most active volunteers, volunteering not just twice a month, but every week of the month! His kind heart and funny personality always bring smiles to the visitor services staff.

We know that we can always count on Rich no matter what situation comes up during his volunteer shift. He will help us with four tours in a row if need be, and he never complains, even if he takes a roundy bunch of kids on a tour. Rich often turns the difficult moments into humorous moments, which helps us all de-stress.

Rich, thank you for your positivity and hard work each and every time you come to the Capitol!

August 2016



Sheryl is our super Volunteer Docent of the Month for August 2016! Sheryl has been on our volunteer team for just short of three years, and Friday afternoons would simply not be the same without her. For the past two Legislative Sessions, Sheryl also served as the Senate Liaison, helping our office meet record levels of meet and greets between Utah State Senators and visiting school children.

Sheryl is the bastion of reliability and program improvement. She never fails to show up with a fun anecdote or story, and always shares with Visitor Services staff ideas for how things can be tweaked to be more efficient. She is thoughtful and detail-oriented in her approach to giving tours.

Thank you for sharing your passion and wealth of knowledge with us, Sheryl!

July 2016



Congratulations to Jake, our incredible Volunteer Docent of the Month for July 2016! Jake has been guiding Capitol guests through the marble clad halls for just over two and a half years; however, due to his full-time job, Jake serves his volunteer shift on Wednesday evenings–guiding visitors through the rooms of the Capitol in a softer, moonlit glow.

Wednesday night tours are an important pillar to the Capitol Tour program because they offer the chance for people who are occupied during the day to fully experience the “People’s House.” This often includes youth groups, family groups, and tourists that just cannot make it in during the day. Jake is especially adept at engaging Boy Scouts, who must take a government building tour as part of the process to gain their “Citizenship in the Nation” badge. Jake never complains about his groups and dutifully fills his role as a Capitol docent.

Jake has been dependable, without much oversight, and Visitor Services staff wants to express their warmest gratitude to him for being a positive member of our team!

June 2016



Congratulations to Kathy, our Volunteer Docent of the Month for June 2016! Kathy has been a lively and active docent on our team for just over two and a half years. Visitor Services staff always looks forward to the days that Kathy is on shift because she rolls in with a wave of positive energy.

Kathy has a uniquely upbeat personality and can engage anyone from a 5 year old to a retired visitor with stories of her pioneering ancestors. Beyond her cheerful attitude, Kathy has also recommended the volunteer docent position to friends and has helped us secure other amazing volunteers.

Thank you, Kathy, for being a bright light at the Capitol and keeping the People’s House full of joy!

May 2016



Our docent of the month for May is Leo, a newer volunteer to our program, but a super active and reliable member nonetheless! Leo has helped the Docent Program more times than staff can count as an extra set of hands for large tours or as a substitute for an entire shift. He’s jumped right in to his role as a docent and is willing to help in any capacity, which is always appreciated in volunteers.


This month, the Visitor Services team has the extra special opportunity to visit Leo at another volunteer site–the City and County building where he is also a diligent tour guide. He will be showing his fellow Capitol docents and staff around another historic building that held Utah State government and the legislature until the Capitol was built.


We are so grateful to Leo for all of the time and talent he shares with Capitol visitors, and especially school children. We love having such a friendly and dedicated volunteer, and we know that we can always count on you!

April 2016

 Amy Bach


Amy, our Docent of the Month for April, has been a diligent member of our Capitol Docent team since December 2014, and started training even earlier than that. She has helped us through two fieldtrip-packed Legislative Sessions, yet always has a smile on her face and never has a word of complaint!

Amy’s flexibility is what each Volunteer Manager dreams about–although her shift partners have switched up quite a bit, she has been reliable and eager to work with whomever we assign her to.

We are so grateful for you, Amy, and can’t wait for you to dazzle our ears with your piano prowess some time soon. Thank you for all your time and dedication!


March 2016

 Nan Weber


March’s Docent of the Month is Nan, who has been with our team since Fall training 2013. Nan is passionate not only about the building and its history, but also about going above and beyond to serve Capitol visitors. As she began to interpret Capitol history, Nan got so invested in uncovering stories that she is currently writing a book on the architect, Richard K. A. Kletting.

Nan radiates positivity when she is at the Capitol. She gives her tours enthusiastically and is ready for whatever challenge may come her way. Visitor Services staff never hears a single complaint from her, even when she’s on her toes all day long!

We are so grateful for all of the time that Nan offers to our program, as well as the friendly face that she brings to our office every other Friday. Thank you, Nan, for always being your energetic and positive self!


February 2016

 Kate Sturgeon


February’s Volunteer Docent of the Month is Kate, who joined our team at the onset of last year’s Legislative Session. Kate is a docent that we can always count on to reliably communicate with us. In the past year of volunteering, her life and daytime profession have shifted, but she has remained a loyal docent in whatever way she can.

Kate never hesitates to share tips to improve the program, and eagerly accepts any opportunity to learn more and represent the Capitol Preservation Board with a smile on her face. She has taken opportunities to tour with the Architect of our Capitol Restoration, as well as connected with continuing educations students from the University of Utah.

We definitely miss having her energy with the school children booked in the mornings, but appreciate having Kate any time of the day! Thanks for all you do for the Capitol and its visitors, Kate.


January 2016

 Blaine Rasmussen


Congratulations to Blaine, our Capitol Docent Volunteer of the Month for January 2016! Blaine has been volunteering as a Capitol Docent since we re-opened after the Restoration in 2008, but began training even before that, in 2007.

Currently, he guides visitors through the capitol every Monday morning, providing twice the amount of time we normally ask volunteers to commit to. We are so grateful for the dedication and knowledge that Blaine brings to our docent program.

Blaine is a friendly and hardworking individual. He never walks into the Capitol without a smile on his face and a newspaper rolled under his arm. As a long-time docent, Blaine also has many wonderful stories and facts to share about the Capitol.


December 2015

 Ann Ricks


Congratulations to Ann, our Volunteer Docent of the Month for December 2015! Ann has been guiding visitors through the Utah State Capitol since April 2013 and brings a gentle and unique touch in her approach to sharing information, especially with our younger visitors.

The first words that come to mind when our Visitors Center staff think about Ann are positive, warm, and upbeat. Beyond her cheerful attitude, she has gone above and beyond in assisting with skill-building for other volunteers. Early this year, Ann was instrumental in providing a workshop on how to better manage and engage school group visitors (our largest and most common group).

Thank you, Ann, for your willingness to always hop in with special tasks and for your dedication to making the Capitol Docent program the best it can be!


November 2015

Bruce Christensen VOTM


Congratulations to Bruce, a Capitol Docent and our Volunteer of the Month for November 2015. This coming February marks Bruce’s 4-year anniversary of dedicating time every week to guide visitors through the Utah State Capitol building on informative and engaging tours.

While the majority of our volunteers devote 4 hours every other week to Capitol visitors, Bruce is on a weekly schedule and donates over 16 hours per month to our program! Bruce is known as our fact wizard, and our Visitor Services Manager often jokes that he could recite the Utah Census at the drop of a hat. Bruce is also able to guide Spanish-speaking visitors through the building, increasing our community outreach and engagement.

Thank you, Bruce, for being an integral part of our volunteer docent team, and for your constant enthusiasm and smile! We appreciate all that you do for us and Capitol visitors.


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